Drug that Can Be More Fatal than Beneficial

Anti-coagulant drugs are drugs which are being prescribed b doctors to help lessen the occurrence of stroke and blood clots for patients who are suffering from atrial fibrillation and also for treating patients with pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis and people who have been undergone operation in their legs more particularly a knee or replacement surgery.    The Xarelto is one of these drugs. However, there are many reported cases that claim this drug to have resulted in deaths due to internal bleeding, cardiac arrest and other similar cases in patients who have been taking this drug.  Physicians are having problem with this drug as they cannot find a way to reverse its effects unlike its competitor drug Warfarin.

Because of its fatal side effects, Johnson & Johnson and Bayer; the companies that manufacture this drug are receiving a lot of lawsuits not just in the United States but as well in Canada.  The number of lawsuits continues increasing as more and more people coming out claiming that their family member has suffered death as a result of taking the medicine. According to experts, while this drug should prevent blood clots; it actually does cause bleeding internally that rises up to the patient’s brain which would eventually causes stroke. The complainants claim that the manufacturers have failed to give warning to the public as to the risks involved in taking the product and while they continuously exert effort in marketing it, they failed in giving enough information as to its side effects which can be fatal.